DEBORA-PI-3RL-IINFACTS-2019: Disease, Emotion and Wellbeing: Regulated Organization of Action

Principal Investigator: 
José Carlos Rocha (
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Research Team: 
José Carlos Rocha (PI), Ana Teixeira (Co-PI), Maria Amélia Pçao (Co-PI), Manuela Leite, Sónia Remondes Costa, Paula Chaves, Teresa Pinho, Sara Lima, Ricardo João Teixeira, Joana Soares, Vera Almeida
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Period covered: 
03/2019 - 02/2020

The emotional mediated processes between negative life-events and the actions enabling a positive outcome are capable to prevent problems and to promote happiness in societies. This pathway has been used to overcome the most challenging wellbeing difficulties, with known extreme consequences in health, considered today the most powerful modifiable disease risk factors, with known effects on relationships and economical productivity impairment. This knowledge expanded largely on last years and opened the way for new organised approaches, fine-tuned to address very specific predictors. To act we need to know exactly the best options, there is a concomitant premise of understanding the underlying factors, never disclosed nor measured. This project aims to develop or to adapt a set on very new instruments that are possible candidate variables to produce such extreme positive effect. The operational side of the project has focus on the development of twenty different instruments, some absolutely new, some very recently developed, some being developed on worldwide ongoing efforts.


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