Drug Research

Major interests

The mission of this research line is to discover biologically active molecules, safely and efficiently target bioactive compounds, and develop analytical methods for determination of pharmaceuticals in biological and environmental matrices. 
The specific objectives are:
i) to screen for bioactive compounds
Research activities include: screening for old and new synthetic compounds with therapeutic potential; elucidation of the mechanisms of activity and preclinical assays of leading compounds.
ii) to develop safe and efficient delivery systems
Research activities include: new drug delivery nanosystems for antitumoral drugs; f characterization and exploration of food-grade bacteria able to produce bioactive conjugated fatty acids (CLA, CLNA).
iii) to develop efficient chromatographic analytical methods
Research activities include: development of efficient chromatographic analytical methods for preparation and analysis of enantiomers of pharmaceuticals and illicit chiral substances; assessment of their ecotoxicological effects on aquatic species.
iii) to identify variables that influence adherence to topical treatment
Research activities include: Guidelines for adequate use of topical treatment amongst Portuguese patients with chronic dermatoses; development of therapeutic monitoring tools.
iv) disseminate good practices to promote adherence to treatment with topical medicines
Activities include: disseminating good practices at community pharmacies to promote adherence to and effectiveness of treatment with topical medicines; information and education of pharmacists and patients. 

Current Projects


Publications Highlights

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