Flow cytometer


The XL and XL-MCL flow cytometers are systems intended for use as in vitro diagnostic devices for the qualitative and quantitative measurement of biological and physical properties of cells and other particles. These properties are measured when the cells pass through a laser beam in single-file. The instrument can simultaneously measure forward scatter, side scatter, and three or, optionally, four fluorescent dyes using a single laser at 488 nm. Therefore, the instrument can do correlated multiparameter analyses of individual cells.


Cell surface antigens, Nucleic acids, Kinetics, Cell function, Reticulocytes.

Samples from: Whole blood, Buffy coats, Mononuclear cells, Tissue culture cells, Dissociated tissue, Frozen sections, Paraffin sections and Body fluids. In addition to human cells, other cell types can be analyzed, such as:  Plant cells, Marine plankton, Animal cell and Bacteria.


Brand: Beckman Coulter