INSIGHT4ADHERE-PFT-IINFACTS-2019: Posological patterns, health literacy and psychosocial and clinical factors-implications for adherence to topical treatment in dermatology

Principal Investigator: 
Vera Almeida (
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Research Team: 
Vera Almeida, : Ana Isabel Pacheco Teixeira, Carmen Maribel Bento Teixeira, Isabel Filipa Martins de Almeida, Ana Rita Almeida e Sá, Ana Rita Mendes Correia
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Period covered: 
03/2019 - 02/2020

Dermatosis are pathologies with high prevalence that affect the quality of life of the patient. Most skin diseases can be treated effectively and safely with topical therapies. However, non-adherence to treatment leads to the clinical ineffectiveness of this therapeutic approach, with implications not only from the point of view of patient health, but also economic on the health system. Specific parameters such as difficulty in establishing dosing instructions and treatment-related psychosocial and clinical factors have been appointed as determinants of non-adherence. In accordance, the optimization of dosing instructions in dermatology and the intervention of health professionals (including pharmacists and psychologists) may contribute to the establishment of guidelines for an adequate use of medicines and the promotion of adherence to topical treatment.


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