Luís Moutinho Monteiro

Dental Medicine Degree (2001) from the IUCS. MSc in Oncology (2007) from the ICBAS. PhD in Pathology (2010) from the USC, Spain. Specialist in Oral Surgery from the Portuguese Dental Association (OMD). European Master in Laser Applications in Odontostomatology from the University of Parma, Italy. Diploma in Oral Medicine by the European Association of Oral Medicine (EAOM).

Auxiliar Professor at the IUCS in Periodontal Surgical Clinic, Oral Pathology and Biopathology. Researcher at "Cancer Research" integrated in Institute of Advanced Research and Training in Health Sciences (IINFACTS - CESPU). Coordinator of the Postgraduate course in Laser Applications in Dental Medicine at IUCS, CESPU. Coordinator of the Postgraduate course in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology at IUCS, CESPU. General Secretary of ALTEC (Association of Laser Therapy and Related Technologies). Member of the Board of the APMO (Portuguese Academy of Oral Medicine).

Research interests: 

Oral cancer; oral leukoplakia; prognostic markers; laser; immunohistochemistry.


Cancer Research team member