MYCOBIOENV-PFT-IINFACTS-2019: Mycotoxins monitor and biological effects of environmental contaminants

Principal Investigator: 
Cláudia Ribeiro (
Leader Institution: 
Research Team: 
Cláudia Ribeiro, Maria Elizabeth Tiritan, Cristina Couto, Ana Rita Ribeiro, João Carrola, Ariana Pereira, Filomena Teles
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Period covered: 
03/2019 - 02/2020

These projects are related to the presence of pollutants such as mycotoxins (MT) in the environment as well as adverse effects related to exposure to pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs (PID). MT are toxic secondary metabolites produced by fungi that colonize various foods products. Because of their carcinogenicity the occurrence of these substances in foods is relatively well studied. However, there are few studies that report the occurrence of MT in environmental matrices and in Portugal there are not studies about the occurrence of MT in sediments. Concerning PID they were recognized as emerging environmental contaminants. The knowledge of the impact of PID and its metabolites on living organisms is scarce, but crucial for accurate risk assessment. Thus, the objective of this project is to finalize the occurrence studies of MT in environmental matrices and to evaluate the adverse effects of PID in several organisms with environmental relevance.


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