Prominence Ultra Fast Liquid Chromatograph




Several application-specific systems are available that take advantage of the remarkable expandability of Prominence systems. Environmental (eg. atmosphere, drinking water, soil, biofuels), food (eg. food components, aditives, residual pesticides, fragrances), chemical industry (eg. plastics, solvents, paints, fiber, paper), pharmaceuticals (eg. drug ingredients, antibiotics and antimicrobials, herbal medicines, natural products, veterinary pharmaceuticals).

It can also be used as 2D-HPLC through a 6-port switching valve, allowing on-line pretreatment of samples (eg, environmental, biological samples), increasing efficiency and reducing analysis time.


Brand: Shimadzu

Model: Prominence UFLC


- System Controller – CBM-20A

- Degasser – DGU-20A5

- Four Pumps – LC-20AD

- Autosampler – SIL-20AD

- Column Oven – CTO-20AC

- UV/VIS Detector – SPD-20A

- Fluorescence Detector – RF-10AXL

- Switch Valve – FCV-12AH


- LC Solution, Version 1.24 SP1