Ricardo Dinis

Graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2003 from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto. By the same institution obtained the PhD in Toxicology in 2007. By Rector Dispatch awarded the European PhD in 2008. Holds the COHiTEC 2007 program organized by the Porto Business School in collaboration with North Caroline State University and holds the Entrepreneurship Course organized by UPIN - Innovation University of Porto. Forensic Medicine Postgraduation Course (current Specialization Course in Forensic Sciences) of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (2009). Habilitation (Aggregation) in Forensic Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (2012).

Assistant Professor with Aggregation of the University Institute of Health Sciences (IUCS-CESPU) and of the Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto. Researcher at the IINFACTS - Institute of Research and Advanced Training in Health Sciences and Technologies. Researcher at the UCIBIO-REQUIMTE - Associated Laboratory for Green Chemistry, Clean Technologies and Processes. Director of the 1st Cycle of Studies in Forensic Laboratory Sciences, 1st Cycle of Studies in Biomedical Sciences and 2nd Cycle of Studies in Forensic Laboratory Sciences and Techniques of IUCS-CESPU. President of the Portuguese Association of Forensic Sciences (APCF) and Vice-president of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Abuse and Neglect (SPEAN).

Research interests: 

Toxicology and Pharmacology; Psychoactive Substances; Pesticides; Medicines; Preclinical, clinical and forensic aspects.


Drug Research team member