Ricardo João Teixeira

Graduated in Psychology, with a pre-specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology (University Institute of Maia). Postgraduated in Health Psychology (University of Minho), in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies - Advanced Course (Higher Institute of Health Sciences North), and in Continuing and Palliative Care - Integrated Health Approach (Higher Institute of Health Sciences North). PhD in Health Psychology (University of Minho). Practicum in Psychophysiology (Humboldt-Universität, Berlim). Pos-doctoral in Psychology (University of Aveiro). Invited lecturer and researcher, University of Aveiro; Coordinator of the Psychotherapy Department, Clínica da Ordem, Porto; Psychologist at MamaHelp, Support Center for Breast Cancer Patients, Porto.

Research interests: 

Emotion regulation; mindfulness-based interventions; emotional intelligence; psycho-oncology; psychological prophylaxis.