Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics in the Environment: Biodegradation Studies and Presence in Environmental Matrices

Alexandra S. Maia, PhD

Computational Intelligence Techniques in the Analysis and Recovery of Joint Injuries

Manuel M. Crisóstomo, PhD

Community Oral Health: From Research to Health Education

Nélio Jorge Veiga, PhD

Understanding Membrane Biology at the Interface Between Host Cells and Intracellular Phatogens

Francisco Sarmento Mesquita, PhD

Comunicar a Ciência

DESAFIO: Apresentação dos Projetos Tese da 4ª Edição do programa Doutoral C.B.A.S. do IUCS de forma compreensível para um público leigo e não especializado.

How important is physical activity and exercise for improving bone health?

Hélder Fonseca, MD, PhD

Colorectal Cancer Spheroid Model to Assess the Biocompatibility and Anticancer Properties of Nanoparticles

Tomás Bauleth-Ramos, PhD

Seminário: Intravital microscopy: an exciting tool for understanding microvascular events in different inflammatory conditions

Juliana Tavares, PhD


Seminário: Synthetic cannabinoids and their impact on neural development.

João Pedro Silva, PhD

Seminário: Therapeutic Relevance of the tumor supressor gene spint 2 in melanoma

Marta Viana-Pereira, PhD