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Major interests

The mission of this research line is to promote psychosocial health and resilience.

The specific objectives are:
i) To understand psychosocial issues, and develop approaches to improve patients' quality of life
Research activities include: stress disorder-related functional impairment; new virtual reality stimuli and emotion induction techniques; biomarkers associated with cognitive impairment; cardiovascular diseases and cognitive impairment; correlation of iodine status with cognitive status in school-aged children; neuropsychological assessment of illiterate and low school level patients; new clinical trials for complex traumatic stress; impact of long-term tamoxifen therapy on bio behavioral factors in premenopausal women.

ii) To build up robust tools to assess psychological variables in health and illness
Research activities include validation of assessment tools.

iii) To study the living person as victim of labor accidents or violence, and forensic repercussions
Research activities include: sociofamilial outcomes and profile of victims of trauma; communication of healthcare providers and forensic professionals with victims of trauma.

iv) To disseminate good practices and detect/report of abuses
Activities include: health education and promotion; training of health professionals; education of patients.

Current Projects


Publications Highlights

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